Solar power

Solar power is becoming a more important part of the UK’s renewable energy mix. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are used to turn the sun’s energy into electricity and we can install these directly at your site – on south-facing roofs, for instance – or deliver solar power we’ve generated elsewhere direct to your business through a dedicated wire.

It’s an effective way for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy, reduce their carbon footprint – with a direct supply of low-carbon energy – and to protect their energy costs for years to come.

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Battery storage

We’ve built the largest operational battery storage project in Europe at our West Burton B CCGT power station in Nottinghamshire. The site’s 49MW capacity enables the UK Grid to respond to fluctuations in demand for electricity in less than 0.5 seconds. [VF1] Storage sites like this will help the UK develop a low-carbon energy mix, as renewables can be integrated more easily.

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The innovative battery storage project in the UK is another example of EDF Group’s global CAP 2030 strategy to lead the transition to a low carbon energy future.
Matthieu Hue, EDF Renewables CEO

West Burton B case study

We developed and built two 30kWp rooftop solar PV arrays on two new buildings at the West Burton B CCGT and battery storage facility in Nottinghamshire. The project was delivered on time and within budget, and the design ensured that the solar PV array had minimal aesthetic impact. The performance of the solar panels is now displayed on the web-based dashboard within West Burton B’s Visitor Centre and is used by the coordinators to explain how different types of energy can be used to deliver electricity.