Why wind power is an important part of the energy mix

There are good reasons why the UK has the most offshore wind generation built anywhere in the world [Clean Growth Strategy] – we’re the windiest country in Europe, for a start.

Find out more about wind power: why it’s becoming a more important part of the energy mix, and how the technology works.

You can also learn more about how we work with educators to support their teaching on renewable energy and EDF Energy’s award-winning schools programme, the Pod.

Why wind power?

Wind power is a low carbon and plentiful source of energy that will never run out. This makes it an important part of the future energy mix – especially as technologies, like battery storage, are developed to make renewable power sources more reliable.

How wind power works

Learn more about how wind power works, including how they generate electricity and when they're more efficient. 

Other renewable energy sources

Renewable energy comes from plentiful and practically inexhaustible natural resources, like sunlight, wind and water. Storage technologies (like batteries) are also being developed to store renewable energy and provide support to the national grid, so there’s a stable and plentiful supply of electricity. 

EDF Renewables for Educators

We help teachers and educators bring the science curriculum to life through trips to our wind farms, workshops and learning resources on renewable energy.

We also have education funds available to support members of local communities pursuing academic and professional qualifications.