In late 2020, EDF Renewables Ireland acquired this solar project, along with 7 other similar developments, from Wexford Solar Ltd. Planning permission had previously been granted in August 2020 for a solar PV development on approximately 70 hectares of land in the townlands of Taduff, Drum and Curraghaleen, Co. Roscommon.

In order to maximise the site’s potential and its connection to the grid, we have applied for and been granted planning permission to expand TDC Community Solar Park to a c.80MW project across 130 hectares by extending the development onto the adjoining townlands of Taduff East, Creagh and Cuilglass Co. Roscommon. 

We have also been engaging with An Bord Pleanála regarding a 110kV substation that will be required as part of the project and are now preparing a planning application for this substation.

We intend to begin construction of the project in 2023.

The originally permitted TDC Community Solar Park is shown in red above, and the approved extension area is shown in blue.

The landscape proposals will allow for sheep grazing, foraging and hedgerow planting providing shelter for a variety of wildlife.


A Construction and Environmental Management Plan will be adopted to ensure that the construction of the project takes into account environmental protection measures committed to during the planning process, as well as current best practice.

Existing trees and hedgerows in and around the site will be retained where possible, and mitigation screen planting will be incorporated, ensuring that the site is self-contained and unobtrusive within the local landscape.

An Ecological Assessment is also being carried out to assess any potential impacts on existing ecology that could arise from the proposed development.


As part of our long-term commitment to the local area we will establish a Community Benefit Fund. This will see funds from the project go towards supporting positive local initiatives and activities. The planned extension of the solar farm would double the value of the TDC Community Solar Park benefit fund. 

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