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About Stornoway Wind Farm

Lewis Wind Power is the developer of the proposed Stornoway Wind Farm, which would harness the incredible wind resource on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

The project would deliver competitive, low cost power for consumers across Great Britain, and also create significant economic opportunities on the islands.

The wind farm is a key part of the business case for the proposed new grid connection with the mainland and to the development of onshore wind power on Lewis, which it is estimated could generate several hundred local jobs and add up to £33m annually to the local economy.

The Stornoway Wind Farm would be located to the west of the town of Stornoway in an area close to the three existing wind farm sites.

Lewis Wind Power, through its subsidiary Stornoway Wind Farm Limited, has been developing the Stornoway Wind Farm since 2010, working closely with the community landlord, The Stornoway Trust.

Registered in Scotland, the company is a 50:50 joint venture between EDF Renewables and Wood.

Project News

The project has consent for up to 36 turbines and is sited on land owned by the Stornoway Trust, a publicly elected body which manages the Stornoway Trust Estate on behalf of the local community.

Lewis Wind Power (LWP) recently submitted a new consent application. The changes proposed are designed to provide LWP with the option of using the very latest onshore wind turbines on the market, which it believes may be necessary to generate power at the cost required to compete for long-term contracts in a government-backed auction taking place later this year.

To find out more please access the Lewis Wind Power website:

About EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables owns and operates 34 wind farms across the UK, as well as a battery storage unit.  The company is part of EDF Energy, which produces 40% of Scotland’s electricity, employs more than 1,300 people in Scotland and supplies power to the country’s local authorities, schools, public buildings and hospitals through a single contract awarded by the Scottish Government.

About Wood

Wood is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets.  Headquartered in Aberdeen, the company operates in more than 60 countries across oil and gas, chemicals, environment and infrastructure, power & process, clean energy, mining, nuclear and general industrial sectors.  It has 4,900 employees based in Scotland.