Welcome to Burwell Solar Farm

The project has planning permission from East Cambridgeshire District Council for a 49.9MW solar array farm.

The current design is to install solar PV arrays at an angle of 25 degrees over approximately 200 Acres of land up to around 3m in height which will connect directly to the national grid substation at Burwell.

The Burwell  solar project will be an important source of low carbon electricity and will

  • Meet the average annual domestic electricity requirements of up to 9,500 households*
  • Support the UK Government to meet its decarbonisation targets to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050

The project will support the UK Government to meet its decarbonisation targets to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. 


Care has been taken to ensure that all ecological, archaeological and landscape and visual factors have been considered and proposals will be innkeeping with the local landscape. 

The landscape proposals will allow for sheep grazing, foraging and hedgerow planting providing shelter for a variety of wildlife.


EDF Renewables is committed to delivering local benefits and working in partnership with local communities.

A community benefit fund has been agreed in the form of an annual £10,000 payment provided to support communities near our solar farms, to be spent on improvements in the local area and investment in local people. In total, the proposal could deliver a potential community benefit contribution of £400,000 over the lifetime of the project.

The management and administration of the funds will require further engagement with the local community over the coming months.

Burwell Solar Timeline

  • August 2020 – Planning permission approved 
  • November 2020 – The project was acquired by EDF Renewables 
  • Spring 2021 – Environmental and ecological planning conditions discharge underway
  • Early 2022 – Construction to begin
  • Autumn 2022 – Full commissioning