Welcome to Bloy's Grove Solar Farm

EDF Renewables is proposing to install a solar farm between Swainsthorpe and Mulbarton. Between 9 November 2020 and 11 January 2021 we consulted the community on these proposals. We plan to submit a planning application to South Norfolk District Council shortly.

Our initial feasibility assessments indicate the site is well suited for a solar farm. The site will connect into National Grid’s Norwich substation and will have an output power capacity of 49.9 MW (Megawatts), generating enough low carbon energy to power the equivalent of 14,1001 homes.

Under normal circumstances we would host public information events on the project in the local community, but we’ve decided not to do that at this time because of the possible risk to public health.

The consultation closed on 11 January 2021, however should residents wish to speak to us or write to us about the proposals please feel free to get in touch by emailing bloys.grove@edf-re.uk.

1 Based on PVSYST production estimate and consumption per South-Norfolk household (Sub- National Electricity Consumption Statistics, DBEIS, 2018). Numbers presented to three significant figures.



On 26 November and 3 December 2020 we held live online public consultation events where residents met members of the EDF R team, heard about the project, and asked questions. 
You can view the recordings of the events below.”

26th November 2020 online event
3rd December 2020 online event